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Anonymous said...


I've been looking at your photographs (i made Mumbatu my background image for this computer) chiefly of Burning Man, and i just wanted to say that they are incredible. I havent been, but it gives you a real sense of childlike wonder. The whole Crude Awakening series was great, as was the burning of The Temple of Forgiveness.

Temple of Forgiveness was where everyone writes on the walls their most heinous act and then the temple is burned down right?

Anyway, im hoping i can go next year (though my financial status is looking very iffy lately) and i was wondering if you knew anyone in the OC area (Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, or Garden Grove) i might contact. I know a lot goes into it as it is a harsh environment, and frankly i think if i went on my own id be overpowered by the whole atmosphere and end up isolating myself as i have a tendency to do.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. If you dont know anyone or just dont want to refer someone you dont know to people you do thats cool, just take from my e-mail that you're a ridculously talented photographer.

James Rohrer

Rey said...

i love your photos. different colors of life just like united colors of Benetton.

keep those wonderful shots coming.

website hosting said...


In particular, I like the laser shows!!! Did you do them yourself, or do you have a group of photographers that travel with you?

I also like the one with the child and the candles in front of him.

Thank you for sharing them with the world. You are an inspiration to your craft!

Warm Regards,

Lynn Strauch
Executive Director

Sally said...

youre pictures are fantastic, really great stuff!
I love to go to the burning man festival right must be amazing to spent time there!
Do you know the fusion festival in germany?
maybe you want to have a look at my pictures...

Anonymous said...


Still having fun taking pictures I're getting pretty good with the camera. Remember Belle de Jour? And the station wagon? Gamin...

Don Neumeier said...

Hey man,

Your photos are great. Seems I always find a link to them while I'm reminiscing about the latest trip to the playa. Thanks for taking all those great pics while we're all busy doing other stuff!!


Husac said...

Very nice photos,had a lot of fun...check my images at htt:// , good luck !

wahoo mcdaniel said...

Dude, thank you for taking the time to chrokicle the slow decay of the PHSH on the Presidio. I attended a Russian Language School for the military there and had no idea what had become od the old grande dame building. It pains me that it wasn't taken better care of and put to use as it was once intended to be, as a place of healing. I was military then but work, ironically enough, in a a hospital about the same size, as a Sleep Tech and EEG technician. I have kinda come full circle.

You have a good eye for composition, too, by the way.

Wayne Peron, hendersonville, NC. I linked your photos to my facebook pages, hope that's cool with you.

God Bless.

wahoo mcdaniel said...

Love your photos of the PHSH on the Presidio. Attended Russian School there in 87-88 for the Army. Sad what has become pf the building: it deserved better treatment. Kinda glad they're finally doing something good with it. Though I don't especially like all the demolition of the front wings but progress is never kind,huh? You have a good eye and I thank you for taking the time to document the place the way she was. Thank you.

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