Flickr: use non-justified views for Photostreams and Sets

This GreaseMonkey Script shows non-justified thumbnail views for Flickr Photostreams and Sets. 

It is designed to improve Flickr usability for users with slow internet access.

1) Install "GreaseMonkey" or an equivalent extension:

  1. Chrome: Install TamperMonkey
  2. Firefox: Install GreaseMonkey
  3. Safari: Install GreaseKit

2) Install this Script: 

3) Known issues and limitations:

  1. Groups, Search results, Favorites, Contacts recent uploads and other flickr pages are still shown with justified views.  I'll see if I can extend the script to deal with those.
  2. When visiting a set or photostream from a link on a photo-page, the page you reach does not always show the photo you come from.
  3. This script does not change the flickr landing page (i.e. home page), which is very heavy.  Maybe it should replace it by the user's Activity page?

4) Fixed bugs (update the script if you experience those issues)

  1. In some circumstances, the top-bar of the Organizer would disappear.
Check all my other user-styles and GreaseMonkey scripts.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work man. Makes flickr much more tolerable.

Masqman said...

Very nice. Any chance you could make it work on the recent uploads from friends page and on other users' favorites page? That would make it truly awesome and probably warrant a few drinks.

Brian Cameron said...

I installed the script and, just as you said, it didn't speed up the groups or my search results. but it did make MY page on flickr show smaller images and it moved faster. is there an update that will show non justifiable views on search results? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good work, a really useful script. I'm sure it will gain wide usage as word gets around like on this thread that my co-admin just posted in our group, Nikon DSLR Users -- The Bistro:


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