Licensing for commercial use of photos

Most of my photos can be licensed for commercial or editorial use (advertising, news, magazines, brochures, books, websites, flyers etc).

To license one of my photos on-line, click the "Buy a License" or "License this Photo" button on the photo page on the website.

High-resolution files with no watermarks are available for all photos, depending on the licensing type.

If the "Buy a License" or "License this Photo" button is not available on the photo page, please contact me for licensing inquiries and royalty fees. Please indicate the photo URL and describe the exact intended use.

Free use: You can share, post or blog most (*) of my photos on personal, non-commercial web pages or blogs with no advertising, provided that you keep my copyright watermark and that you give proper credit to the photographer (Photo by Tristan Savatier - and a working link to (see blogging conditions here). To post on Blogs or Forums, please use Get Image Code or Embed (button on each photo page).

Note that Flickr, Facebook and other social websites do not allow posting photos that you did not take yourself, so don't repost / upload copies of my photos (or any other photo found on the internet) on those social websites, or you risk your account to be deleted. I do not authorize copies of my photos to be uploaded on social networks or photo-sharing sites. However, you can share my photos using the share links on each photo page.

All photos copyrighted by Tristan Savatier have All Rights Reserved. They cannot be used or reproduced without Tristan Savatier's written permission, except for the authorised free NON-COMMERCIAL use.